Wholesale Steroids Distribution From EU

Steroids and Human growth hormone distribution operating from within Europe Union. We are happy to be able to offer service witch stand outs, with gaining repeat customers from Ireland, Uk, Sweden, France, Germany, Austria, Spain Switzerland.

Let’s become partners in business and bring mutual benefits.

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rHGH Wholesale

HGH kits !

Human growth Hormone 100IU kits available. 


Latest Test results performed by customers on Janoshik can be seen below

Greytop HGH


Authorized HILMA BIOCARE Distributor

We are an Official Hilma Biocare Wholesale distributor

Updated Pricelist of Hilma Biocare Wholesale. Test results from Janoshik for all production added. Worldwide shipping except USA.  Great prices for A+ grade production, new products added. Fast shipping times. Contact me for more information

Authorised Hilma Biocare Distributor

SOMATROPIN 50IU – Avex Peptides

Avex Peptides Somatropin – Packed in packaging of 50iu. Great test results from Janoshik. Great wholesale prices !

You want to check for quality yourselve ? Excellent ! An 50% of testing costs are compensated. Valid for Janoshik and Lab4Tox only.

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Avex peptides


Small first time orders of 1500 eur are accepted for new customer to trial the quality of the production and delivery service offered by us.

HGH Somatropin Kits

Europes leading supplier of Human Growth Hormones. Fully customizable HGH formulations available together with already made Somatropin 100IU HGH kits for wholesale customers.

Stored and safely prepared for shipping from Within Europe. No customs issues.

100iu HGH kits


Wholesale Human Growth Hormone, distributed from EU.  Genotropin 36iu pens.

You can Buy Genotropin to be delivered to Sweden, UK or Germany without worrying for customs issues. All production being shipped out from with IN EU 🇪🇺

All-together, there are other HGH brands available, from other HGH manufacturers who aim to offer leading production in its segment. Nether-less, no label GREYTOP HGH can be delivered without labels, to make your own brand HGH. 

There is no need to take risks of importing HGH from China anymore ! Everything distributed from With in EU for safe and speedy delivery.  Our HGH is manufactured in Europe Union under highest quality standards. Seeking for a long term and stable partnerships and cooperation.  Benefits of HGH


Genotrpopin wholesale
Pfizer Genotropin 36iu
Hilma Biocare Wholesale


An official Hilma Biocare Store for Wholesale buyers from all across the world. As an authorised Wholesale Hilma Biocare Distributor, we are glad to be able to offer it on our list. As Hilma Biocare, has been trusted worldwide regards the quality of the production and the engagement in expanding the product list with quality production. The products are being frequently tested by a third party testing facilities by Hilma themselves, aswell as customers do test them out quite often to. So far the results are very good.

buy hilma biocare
Spectrum Pharm
Authorised Hilma Biocare Distributor

Premium steroid brands

Wide range of Premium Steroid Manufactured Brands available for Wholesale purchases. Additionally, tested and highest quality Human Growth Hormone, Greytop Kits, Genotropin or Avex Peptides Somatropin available.

Regardless for insuring highest quality measures, majority of our production already has been checked independently by Steroids testing operator, on the other hand we do post our own tests and HGH reviews performed by Janoshik.