Wholesale Steroids Distribution From EU

Steroids and Human growth hormone distribution operating from within Europe Union. We are happy to be able to offer service witch stand outs, with gaining repeat customers from Ireland, Uk, Sweden, France, Germany, Austria, Spain Switzerland.

Let’s become partners in business and bring mutual benefits.

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Updated HILMA BIOCARE Wholesale pricelist !

Updated Pricelist of Hilma Biocare Wholesale. Test results from Janoshik for all production added. Worldwide shipping except USA.  Great prices for A+ grade production, new products added. Fast shipping times. Contact me for more information


HGH Greytop kits !

Already made original GREYTOP 100iu Human growth Hormone kits ready to be shipped. Or Custom made kits, on your requirements, with custom caps and amount of iu. MADE IN EU !🇪🇺 

No need to look any further, source that you can trust !

Cartridges • Vials • Pens • you name it all can be done

Fast manufacturing and shipping process 

Latest Test results performed by customers on Janoshik can be seen below




Lack of initial investment to start you resell business ? No Problem !

Small first time orders of 1500 eur are accepted for new customer to trial the quality of the production and delivery service offered by us.

2020*09*16 – Pharmacom and ZPHC

Pharmacom has been restocked fully!  aswell Several positions for ZPHC has been restocked too. Available Test E, Test P and Sustanon in 10ml vials. 

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Spectrum Pharm

Premium brands

All production that’s been distributed by our company is checked for quality ourselves. It does contain codes, which can be checked on websites for their authenticity. Check the independent quality checking page for results anaboliclab.com. New arrival is brought to our supply, Spectrum Pharm.

spectrum pharma wholesale

hgh wholesale

Human Growth Hormone at wholesale prices. A Pfizer Genotropin 36iu with already pre-filled pens.

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TheGREYTOP original 10x10iu 100iu HGH 191aa kits, shipped from within Europe Union, 99.99% delivery rate. No risk needs to be taken by importing HGH kits from China.

Our HGH is manufactured with in  EU, under the highest quality standards. Seeking for long term and stable partners for long term cooperation. Benefits of HGH

Human Growth Hormone

Greytop HGH 100iu kits

Human Growth Hormone

Pfizer Genotropin 36iu Pen

PHARMACOM wholesale

Pharmacom Labs, Premium quality steroid manufacturer with producing facilities in China. Products ready to be shipped from our main warehouse in EU.

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Made in EU HGH kits

Custom hgh manufacture

Do you own a Steroid brand and looking to expand your assortment with quality HGH?

Buy custom hgh kits

We can help, custom made rHGH kits can be done, with your desired coloured tops, and other specifications

All you have to do is stick your labels and package.