The Benefits of HGH

So what most people need to know when they first hear about HGH is: what is the payoff. What benefits would I be gaining with all the investment and time it takes to buy and inject human growth hormone? They must be great right? After all, everybody is speaking about it.

So what are the changes and improvements I can gain with HGH? How can it help me and aid me in my aims? In what particular ways can HGH be good for me. In other words, what are the benefits and enhancements of using human growth hormone (HGH, Somatropin)?

Well, there are many, each time I write a list I always overlook to put in some beneficial result of injecting HGH. So here I will try to name them all. Make a complete list of all the known benefits of HGH and some not so well known ones. We will also look at some of the assumed benefits that HGH promotes. So here goes:

The definitive list of health benefits, improvements and enhancement from using human growth hormone, also known as Somatropin or HGH

Known and generally accepted benefits of taking HGH supplements

1.Enhanced Skin

It has been shown through scientific studies that people who were deficient in HGH had abnormally thin and wrinkled skin. One of the reasons our skin becomes this way as we age is because our HGH levels fall naturally. Injecting extra HGH as we travel along life’s pathway thickens and smooths out aged skin effectively making it young again.

HGH causes the growth of more skin cells in the dermis as well as producing extra collagen. Collagen makes our skin thicker and more springy. HGH causes the skin to hold onto moisture better so keeping it more hydrated.

People who have had skin prematurely damaged by UV or smoking are using HGH to reverse this condition. It’s no coincidence that when people are treated in hospital for burns that its HGH they use. This is because it causes new skin growth.

2.Increased strength and muscle mass

One of the most widely known benefits of HGH is increased muscle mass. This is why it’s a favourite of bodybuilders worldwide. HGH increases the number of myoblasts which in turn produce new muscle cells. This also increases strength.

HGH is great for treating sarcopenia which is muscle loss due to age. It can increase muscle mass in the elderly as shown in several studies. HGH is also used to treat cachexia and other muscle-wasting diseases such as aids/HIV and multiple sclerosis.

The great bonus about getting your muscle from HGH rather than steroids is that it’s better quality muscle without the water retention or other side effects that anabolic steroids have.

3.Fat Loss

One of the biggest findings of early growth hormone studies found that it was very effective at removing fat. What is more unusual is that it was especially effective at eliminating fat around the trunk. essentially belly and waist fat.

It is believed to remove fat by several different mechanisms. Firstly it breaks down fat cells which contain triglycerides into glycerol and fatty acids which can then be burnt off. It also prevents the formation of new fat cells.

Secondly by increasing muscle mass. Even resting muscle will use fuel and it seems that HGH will use fat rather than carbohydrates to fuel muscle cells. This is an especially effective way of getting rid of fat if combined with a good diet and training regime.

So it’s an extremely good way of depleting fat stores. This is why most people are lean as teenagers but develop a middle-age spread in later life as HGH levels fall.

4.Lowers risk of heart attack

It is now accepted as fact that increasing HGH levels in older people has many positive cardiovascular outcomes. It prevents hypertension (high blood pressure). It also prevents abdominal fat AND visceral adipose tissue (fat around the organs).

It also prevents atherosclerosis, hardening of the arteries. All of these are pointers that show an increased chance of heart attack. In a study in Rotterdam, a group of people who had genetically low levels of HGH were found to be at 18% greater chance of heart attack.

Increasing HGH by taking injections can be very effective at improving cardiovascular health. This includes less chance of aneurysm and stroke. It seems that it’s a “no brainer” to take HGH if you can afford it.

5.Faster recovery from injury

HGH accelerates healing from injury. This can be soft tissue injuries and also fracture and bone breaks. It’s also very good at shortening the time taken to recover from an intense training session. This can shorten the time it takes to build muscle. It’s also used very effectively to treat burns. HGH is a primary mediator of muscle repair and growth.

6.Boosts the immune system

Increases the amount and health of bone marrow which in turn produces more red and white blood cells. Increased levels of HGH also shorten the time it takes for the body to mount an immune response to any pathogens which may attack the body.

There is another reason why growth hormone is given to those suffering from wasting diseases, such as HIV. This is because HGH also boosts the immune system. So HGH is great at fighting infectious wasting diseases because it helps the immune system and prevents cachexia or wasting.

7.Reduces Cholesterol levels

It is now known through several studies that higher HGH levels cause a reduction in levels of cholesterol. HGH has been studied because of its fat oxidizing and lipolytic actions. And also because of its ability to lower cholesterol. Reductions in cholesterol are reported to be significant as compared to a placebo group.

8.Improves sleep quality

Remember how much better and longer you used to sleep as a teenager. This is because your body grows and repairs itself best during sleep, and you are growing a lot during this period.

HGH injections can improve sleep to such an extent that it is not unknown to wake up in the same position you fell asleep in the night before. Better sleep because of extra HGH is also important to bodybuilders. Whilst the work is done in the gym, all of the growth happens during sleep. The amount and quality of sleep has a profound effect on muscle growth and tissue regeneration.

9.Increased bone density

Growth hormone lays down new bone increasing bone density and strength. Exercising will increase bone tissue anyway but using HGH will give it that extra spurt. The thing is after humans have reproduced nature is done with you. This is why the body doesn’t repair itself so well after a certain age.

By using HGH now that it’s available in a way that it wasn’t to previous generations we can cheat nature and use this knowledge to our advantage. Osteoporosis is one of the ailments that growth hormone can treat. Growth hormone is also used to heal bone fractures which are not healing as well or as quickly as they should.

10.Improves Fitness

Growth hormone increases stamina and cardiovascular fitness. This is why it can be used by aerobic athletes as well as strength athletes. HGH improves coronary blood flow by strengthening the heart. The heart and vascular system have lots of HGH receptors which explains why this system reacts so well to growth hormone.

11.Mental Health

Growth hormone improves mental health and slows degenerative brain disease. It improves the nervous system by promoting better uptake of vitamins. This is turn lowers stress and anxiety levels.

Studies recently carried out in Eastern Europe demonstrated significantly increased cognitive function and improved mood. Depression and forgetfulness were also remedied by growth hormone.

Suspected benefits of growth hormone therapy (not yet proven)

1.Improved Libido

Although people tend to have an increased libido whilst taking HGH, it has not been proved that its directly caused by the growth hormone in the same way as a drug like Viagra would.

Increased sexual activity for both sexes could just be down to increased fitness and health as well as an improved cardiovascular system. Also, people taking HGH are looking a whole lot better to the opposite sex.

2.Improves eyesight

Whilst users of HGH do report an improvement in eyesight, to our knowledge no significant studies have been done in this area. It would seem like quite an easy study to give a group HGH whilst testing their eyesight before and after HGH use. A placebo could, of course, be used as well.


Because periodontitis is the loss of bone and gum in the jaw, HGH is being investigated as a cure. At the moment periodontitis cannot be reversed. Older users who suffer from this condition report new gum growth. A development to keep a lookout for.

4.Organ Shrinkage

Many people don’t know that their organs can also shrink with age. HGH is suspected to be an antidote to this but has not been fully tested yet. It does, however, help with shrinkage in old age caused by cartilage and bone loss. Also, prevent that stoop that elderly people seem to have. Replacing muscle too.

5.Grey Hair

Whilst growth hormone does thicken hair and speed up both hair and nail growth we are not so sure on losing those greys. GH users swear that it does so who are we to say it doesn’t. But, It didn’t on me anyway that all I’m saying.

6.Increases Longevity

Amazingly there are a limited amount of studies when it comes to this important matter. The only major study that looks at a large group of patients taking HGH found this. After 6 years of following the trials, women’s life expectancy had improved by 5% and men not at all! There is work to be done here.

But what we do know is that it increases quality of life in both sexes. Whatever they use it for.

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