191AA HGH Greytop

10x10iu- 100iu kit

OEM HGH Manufacture can be negotiated with your desired amount iu and caps. Aswell, Pfizer Genotropin wholesale is available.

Known and generally accepted benefits of taking HGH supplements

Genotropin wholesale OEM HGH Manufacture

Our 191AA HGH Greytop kits

HGH manufactured within the EU with the highest quality standards. Currently, for sale, there are batch of Greytop kits already premade with 10iux10-100iu total. OEM HGH Manufacture can be done with your desired amount of iu and tops. Our production has been circulating on the market on various resellers for some time now, with various packaging/labels on them.

Low minimum of 30 pieces accepted for customers to check the quality of it. Been circulated on Markets for a long time with excellent reviews.

Shipping is done within the EU zone, to avoid customs clearance and seizure risks. This ensures 100% delivery rate. Risks of importation from China has been eliminated. Worldwide delivery can be done as well, except USA/AUS

Payment via Bank transfer is accepted. 

HGH kits are repacked in decoy boxes – no labels on the vials. HGH Greytop kits are being sent separately from Steroids.

rHGH Wholesale


30 < 90 eur/kit

50 < 86 eur/kit

100 < 77 eur/kit


HGH Greytop
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